Always a top finisher on rankings of the world, Finland’s education system is widely recognized as one of the best in the world. Our valued customers are the parents, schools and teachers that believe in the same values as us: That children deserve more than just paper and pen – methods to learn better.

Cahaya Utara Indonesia is proud to represent the best products and programs from Finland to prepare your child for the unknown future with the skills and the successful mindset that is needed to prosper in life.

Focus on Students

All our products are designed to get children excited about learning and reveal their true potential. Every step of the way is supported by certified teachers and experts from Finland.

Focus on Learning

With our products learning is done through activities and play. Learning is most effective when it’s stress free and allows personalized learning journey.

Less Fixed to Time & Place

Our products offer high quality hands-on learning experience. Student-centered discovery is supported by latest innovations of technology allowing learning to take place anywhere.

Maintain Curiosity

Our products from Finland feeds the child’s natural curiosity with phenomenon-based learning and using real world connections leading to the world class learning results.